Showcase your American spirit with July 4th DIY Crafts

Are you ready for the 4th of July? Once again, it's time to get excited and let your American spirit take over. What better way to do this than with some beautiful decorations that you can make yourself? We find this strategy more suitable for anyone who likes to be special and add a personal and unique touch to everything they do. Of course, they are very simple so anyone can make it.

DIY wreaths

The real stars are festive now and you can use them to make some bouquets that attract attention. The advice offered at Liagriffith is to make something inspired by Pinata. The project requires the following supplies: star balloons, tissue paper (red, white and glue or with patriotic printing), some steel wires, yarn, newspaper, wheat paste, paint and glue.

Of course, if you like the idea of ​​a star wreath but you prefer to keep it simple, there are ways to solve it. For example, you can make several paper stars. Use a template or make your own stencil. Apart from the stars, you also need baker thread, small holes, scissors, and washi tape (this is optional). You can find instructions at hawthorneand play.

You should also check it simply to find detailed tutorials on how to make patriotic paper fans. This project, as expected is very simple. The first thing you should do is print a pattern on a card stock or paper. Then just continue and shape the page to become a fan. When you're done, you can add a small circle in the middle and attach the fan to some thread or string so you can hang the garland.

If you have some fabric and sewing machines left, this red, white and blue garland is the perfect DIY project for you to try this 4th of July. In addition to fabric, you also need a ribbon. Everything is very simple … just cut the fabric into small pieces and then sew everything into a long ribbon. Change colors and patterns and even use various shapes when you cut fabric.

Isn't this tassel garland only suitable for July 4th celebration? It will definitely look great on the lawn although you can also use something similar to decorate the interior of your home. But first let's look at what you need for such a project. Well, the inventory list is very simple: three tablecloths (red, white and blue) and clothesline. You can find instructions at thescrapshoppeblog.

Wall decoration

Blank walls in your home can use a touch of color, especially on special events like that. As promised, we chose an easy project. One can be found on built devices. This is a project that requires some things that are easy to find such as logs, end caps, red, blue and white or beige thread, forks, balls, paint, some wooden beads but also looms that might be quite difficult to find so you might as well make your own using a board, a few nails and a hammer.

In fact, you can make patriotic wall hangings using whatever you can find at home. Maybe you can find some ribbons, cloth and even some placemat and buttons. You also need a log, but the stick works well. Look at various thoughts to find out how all these things are together to make something beautiful to celebrate July 4th.

Festive pillow

Decorative pillows can change room decor instantly so if you are looking for an easy way to add some festive and patriotic charm to your home, maybe you want to make pom-pom pillows. It's easy you will not believe. Get a small pillow with a white box, some red, white and blue poms and hot glue. You might also want to use a pencil to mark where you want to glue each pom-pom. In any case, CraftPatchBlog will show you how the pillow will look at the end.


Bouquets are always festive and you can certainly count on them to give you a boost of color and energy during the July 4th celebration. There are many different ways to make a bouquet look a certain way and for this occasion you can always try a color-themed display. For example, you can use red, white and blue beads to decorate a bouquet of flowers. This is a fresh idea that we found at akailochiclife.

The pom-pom bouquets displayed on flamingotoes also have the patriotic talent needed for this event. That is also easy to make. All you need is the right color yarn, some little star decorations, pins and foam floral arrangements. This is all pretty clear … just make a bunch of poms and use pins to stick them to the foam until you close them all. Then add little stars.

We like burlap wreaths because they are very versatile. They look chic and simple and they can be adapted in various ways. That being said, check the pleototipaper to see how you can make patriotic bouquets. You need the following: metal wreath frames, burlap, wire, red, white and blue flowers, small flags, wide fabric ribbons, glue and hot scissors.

Reclamation palette

Don't want to spend a lot of time making decorations but you still want something special and interesting for the July 4th celebration this year? We only have something … American flag decorations made of repurposed wooden pallets. This is something we found on myfrugaladventures.

Turning a palette into a flag is very easy. You need red, white and blue paint and, if you want to give it a special touch, you can also use star stencils or star-shaped decorations. You can check a number of possible design options on themagicbrushinc. You can also come up with your own design ideas to really make this special decoration.


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You cannot have a July 4th celebration without firecrackers. Well, actually you can but it won't be the same. We do not recommend that you make your own firecrackers because it can be very dangerous but you can certainly make decorations inspired by this. This wood displayed on tinselandwheat is a good example.

There are two different ways in which you can create a firecracker center / decoration as shown on the homanathome. One method involves using red, white and blue thread that must be wrapped around an empty toilet paper tube. Another method uses paint in the same color. Both need white tissue paper.

DIY confetti poppers

Have you ever made your own confetti poppet at home? It's easy if you have all the supplies needed. If you want to make some fun to celebrate July 4th, you will need some plastic gifts, some confetti or clippings from holiday decorations, paper shreds and patriotic stickers. stickers go outside to appear. {Found on valentines day}

Patriotic Figure

This is good at night because you can admire the pattern of holes but there are many things that can be seen during the day, especially if you are painting the characters that are displayed at kleinworthco. Curious how you can make figures like this? It all starts with a few empty cans. Fill it with water and put it in the freezer. Then take a nail and hammer and make a hole to follow whatever pattern you want.

Table decorations

Want to know what will be put on your desk this year on the 4th of July? Many things are delicious, of course, but you also need some decorations to set the party atmosphere. It doesn't have to be something that is too sophisticated or complicated. Something as simple as these vases today is perfect. What you need if you want to make something similar is three glass bowls / vases, water, red and blue food coloring and some daisies.

You can also make an impression with your napkin ring. Use red forks, spoons and knives and blue napkins and garnish with white stars made of paper or cardboard. You can also combine these colors differently if you have a different idea from what we found in jordanseasyentertaining.

If you run out of ideas, look around and see if there are ways in which you can reuse several mason jars … they are so versatile that there is always something you can use. You can, for example, paint a few and use it as a container for thinking such as forks, spoons, pinwheels or as vases. {Found at craft-e-corner}

A table runner can spice up table decorations, especially if it is adapted to a special pattern or design. For the 4th of July you can come up with a fireworks theme and use colored cloth paint (red and blue) to decorate a white table. You can look for instructions on letsmingleblog.

Instead of napkins, maybe you want to try something different. We came across this silver holder on the theme though. To make it, you will need the following: thick white cloth, red, white and blue cloth, iron, sewing machine, scissors, and cup. You will make a bag decorated with flowers / discs.

Of course, for a more relaxed meeting you can keep all the silver in a caddy. Decorate it to make it look festive for this event. Use red, white and blue paint and, if you want to give a distressed look to look old-fashioned, use a sanding sponge. That's all described in more detail in the decoart.

The pineapple sparklers are displayed on a freutcake display like some festive decorations too, worthy of the special July 4th celebration. They are made using real pineapple. It's spray painted (red, white and blue, of course) and then sparklers are put in it. They sit on a tray and they look beautiful.

Planters and flowers

Patriotic flower growers … now not so special? You can display it in the yard or garden or at the front door on July 4 so everyone can see it. This is a very simple project that only takes a few minutes to complete. This involves containers, vinyl decals and, of course, soil and plants. Check apumpkinandaprincess for more details.

If you don't already know this, paper flowers are very easy to make, especially roses, and you can use them in many interesting ways to make decorations and centerpieces. For example, you can make a bouquet of red, white and blue roses, and this could be your special July 4 project. {Found on a traditional ship}

Star ornaments

We will end this list with the beautiful star-shaped decorations that we found in a simple country. It is made of used wood and it is decorated with jute bows and small flags. Don't hesitate to personalize your own decorations as you like.

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