Inspiring Wine Bottle Crafts that Are Shared by DIY Creative Enthusiasts

Glass bottles are meant to be reused and there are unlimited ways that can be done, which is why we chose to focus solely on craft wine bottles for now. Today we will show you how you can reuse old glass bottles into unique decorations and accessories for your home. For many of these projects, you need a bottle cutter which is actually a very useful tool to use when you are creative. With this, you can turn a bottle into a vase in no time. We also have lots of cool and inspiring ideas that you can do without changing the structure or shape of the bottles in any way. But enough with spoilers. Let's get started.

First, we'll show you how to cut glass bottles, if you need to do this as part of a project that you like. The first step is to remove the label from the bottle using warm water, dish soap, and a rough sponge. Then let the bottle dry completely. Determine where you want to cut it, adjust the glass cutter and roll the bottle on the knife, while making a line around it. Place the bottle in a pan of boiling water and store there for about 30 seconds. Remove the bottle and drop cold water in the area that has been measured. This will help break the glass. After that, take a few sandpaper and smooth the edges.

Using chalkboard paint, you can give a simple glass bottle a permanent label so you can use it later as a special container or as a vase. Our video tutorial suggests that you first paint the entire bottle with the color you like but you can skip this step if you want to leave the glass parts open. The important thing is then glue the area and paint it with several layers of blackboard paint. Allow to dry, remove the tape and match the label to the message.

If you want, you can combine several glass bottles into a chic center. For that, you have to make a wooden holder. You can do this using four small pieces of wood. You have to arrange it into a frame and make a hole in the top so the bottle neck can enter. Use glue to secure the wood pieces and then paint or stain the frame. When the paint is dry, you can add a bottle. Now you have a beautiful bottle center that you can further customize to your liking.

You can do many cool things using recycled glass bottles, including some cute containers for homemade candles that you can then offer as gifts or displays around your home. This is all very easy. You basically only have to print the bottle with the cutter and then safely break the glass along that line. You can do this at home using the water bathing technique. When the bottles are cut, smooth the ends with sandpaper and then fill the container with wax and wicks. We found this project at Lovelygreens.

If you have time, you can do a little research on how to tie a knot to make a beautiful macrame project so you can use that knowledge to decorate a few empty glass bottles. You don't need much for this project: just a few threads, mod podge, glue, cork, and something to put in a bottle once it's finished, like flowers, sand, or whatever is on your mind. See Cameocottagedesigns for further inspiration.

If you can find a few small glass bottles by chance, you can tie them up in groups to make a bunch of cute little vases. That's the idea we got from Neuerstoff. Everything is very simple. First, clean the bottle and remove the label. Then, arrange five of them into flower-shaped groups and wrap several leather cords around them. To make the ensemble stronger, you can stick glue on the bottle and tie it together.

Turning a wine bottle into a table centerpieces is one of the easiest things you can do. You can just get rid of the label and put some flowers in the bottle and call it a vase or you can spend extra time decorating the bottle so it really makes it look like a beautiful center. One option is to spray the bottle paint as soon as you get rid of the label and the adhesive. Cover with three layers of paint (usually what is needed to get a solid color). Then, if you want, you can use chalk or chalk markers to write a number of each center. {Found in inspiration from this}.

Doesn't this hanging vase look good? As you can see, they are nothing more than recycled glass bottles which means you can do something as beautiful as your own home. Start by cleaning the bottles (you will need three in total). Then take the rope and hot glue and tie a knot around the neck of one of the bottles, fastening it with glue. Then continue wrapping the strap around the neck and adding glue until you have a nice and safe loop. After that, you can do the same for the second and third bottles, leaving a little rope between them so they can hang from each other. Find out more about this at ohohblog.

We love adjusting simple everyday objects using paint so we are very excited to show you how to turn a glass bottle into a stylish vase using this method. You can do the same thing with jars. In addition to glass bottles or jars, you also need glass or ceramic paint, brushes, and masking tape. There are many different strategies to choose from. For example, you can draw something on a bottle (freehand) or you can use masking tape to mark geometric patterns. {Found at gardentherapy}.

Since we mentioned using paints and ribbons to make plain glass bottles look chic and stylish, look at all the cool striped designs we found at homeyohmy. This is a glass bottle that has been customized and turned into a cute vase. Each has a different color and they look beautiful in groups. You can also experiment with other patterns if you want.

A little spray paint can be used far away. Want to know how you can use it to turn glass bottles into vases? We have shown you some ideas and now we are back with a collection of neon ombre vases that look very beautiful. We found them on the order bride. To make something similar you will need glass bottles of various shapes and sizes, neon-colored spray paints, and newspapers. See instructions for details.

A similar but rather easy method involves dipping glass bottles into paint. This is an idea that is explained in detail in the comments. The process is very simple. Take a glass bottle, remove the label and clean it thoroughly. Then take thick rubber or tape and paint the bottom part. Dip the area in the paint then let it dry. Take off the ribbon or tape and enjoy your new and unique vase.

Have you ever used paper towels to decorate everyday objects. It's easy and you can make some very interesting and beautiful things using this method. For example, take a few pieces of paper napkins, coat them with glue on one side and stick to a clean, dry glass bottle, then cover with more glue. Allow the glue to dry and apply one or two layers of clear acrylic spray. Now you have several beautiful bottles that you can use in various ways around the house. {found at craftiments}

As it turns out, glass bottles are very flexible and can be changed in all sorts of cool ways. You can even use some of them to make a unique coat rack. According to the instructions, you can make something like this using three empty glass bottles and a piece of used wood. The hard part is securing these elements together and you can certainly be creative when it comes to that.

Are you not tired of constantly watering your plants? You can solve that problem and save time in the process if you turn a group of glass bottles into a self-service planter. They are great for small plants so you will still take care of the bigger ones, unless you can find a bigger bottle that you can use the same way. Here's what you need to do: cut the top of the wine bottle, sand the edge to make it smooth and then fill it with soil and add plants. Place the neck planters in a jar that is partially filled with water. We found this cool idea on small projects.

Did you know that you can drive an empty glass bottle into a bird feeder? Even that is not difficult. Cut the bottom of the bottle, drill two holes close to the edge, on both sides, sand under the edge to make it smooth and then glue the plate to close the bottle. Pour seeds and other things that birds like to eat into bottles through the neck and then hang a new bird feeder on a tree or on your patio. {Found at thegardenroofcoop}.

Since the easiest thing you can do with a glass bottle is to turn it into a vase, we will show you some more methods that you can use to give a stylish makeover bottle for this purpose. First of all, let's see how you can make spray-painted vases with autumn colors. This is something we found at BRIT. Start by cleaning the bottle, removing the label and then painting it all white. After the white paint is dry, spray paint the middle orange and then the yellow bottom.

For projects that are displayed in the seeacraft, no need to paint anything. Instead, you will use hemp string, hot glue, and some ribbons. Starting at the top of the bottle, put a little hot glue on the rim then wrap the yarn around the bottle, adding more glue as you cover more surfaces. Continue until you reach the bottom. Secure the tip of the hemp to the bottle with glue. Then use a ribbon to tie a cute little ribbon around the bottle or make two more vases and tie them together in a group.

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The glass bottle displayed in the stored fridge looks quite attractive but it is not the original design. It started as a clear clear glass wine bottle. Then, little by little, it turns into this cool container. This process involves frosted glass paint in turquoise and white as well as cosmetic sponges. If you want to make something similar, start from the bottom of the glass and use turquoise paint with a sponge. Then, mix gradually with white paint as you advance to the top.

Swollen paint can be very fun to use, as shown on jaderbomb. Formerly these were only sparkling water bottles but now they are beautiful and colorful vases. That's all thanks to the swollen paint. You can use the same method to decorate your own glass bottle. After you choose the color you want to use, start placing the swollen spots of paint on the bottle, in whatever pattern you want.

This bottle vase is displayed on creativejewishmom decorated with tissue paper. First they are primed and painted, and when the paint is dry, the tissue paper is glued together. Finally, the mod podge was applied to the tissue with a brush to seal it in place. If you like the idea, you can turn this into a fun DIY project for kids. They can cover the entire bottle with tissue paper or just a part of it.

Don't these beach-themed bottle centerpieces look so beautiful? We love their style and style so we will show you how to make something similar for yourself. You need glass bottles of various sizes, glass paint, glue, dowel stems, shells, corals, and some thread. Boxing, clean and then paint the bottles by pouring some paint and then spinning. While they are dry (this should be a day or two) paint the bottle caps and stick a piece of coral into it. For bottles that have a cork not a lid, make a hole in the cork, attach a piece of nail to the shell and then insert the visible dowel into the cork, stick it in place.

Speaking of beach-themed decorations, see this stylish project featured on sadieseasongoods. This is a vintage milk bottle basket full of painted bottle vases. The bottles were painted using two methods. One involved some sea glass spray paint and the other some etch-effect paint. All bottles are then coated with a clear polyurethane spray to preserve the cold paint. The basket is decorated with burlap ribbons.

If you don't want to bother processing your own used bottles into a vase, you can find several ready-made bottles on etsy. This famkhouse-style wall vase set looks very pretty and, if you want, you can make your own like this. You only need a glass bottle, a few pieces of wood and some metal fittings. You can paint the bottles if you want or you can leave them as they are and simply remove the label.

Turn a glass bottle into a picture frame. Yes, you really can do it. Take a bottle, clean and remove the label, then pour the sand and small shell into the bottle. After that, roll the photo and slide it into the bottle. Push it down and open it slightly so that it forms a mold around the glass or, if it is smaller, so that it is perpendicular to the sand and the shell. We found this idea on a network.

You can adjust the glass bottle to suit every occasion. For example, to celebrate July 4th, you can make something patriotic. Take a few glass bottles and color them red or blue. Then take a few star templates and paint a bunch of small white stars on the bottle. You can also add a few small dots that can look like fireworks. Use bottles as centerpieces. {found on themelrosefamily}

This is something funny that you can make for Christmas. This is a Coca Cola bottle that turns into a small Christmas tree. This is done using green paint, hot glue, mini tree decorations and several other things such as pompoms, bells and bows. Paint the bottles green and then stick all the cute decorations on them, just like you would with a miniature Christmas tree. See all the details about dreamalittlebigger.

This project shows that homeowners are not tied to any particular opportunity. That's something you can make whenever you want. These glass bottles have been painted white and then pages from old books are cut into various cute shapes and then pasted to the bottles. You can make all kinds of chic book page decoration, such as butterflies, flowers or insects.

Simply by cutting the bottom of the glass bottle, you can turn it into a candle cover. That's the idea we got from Eshy. To cut a bottle, check the details at the beginning of the article. It should not be too difficult if you follow the instructions and you use the right tools.

Remember that recycled glass bottle feeder that we showed before? That is a pretty simple DIY project. If you like challenges, we have other things you might want to try. We found this tutorial on mommayyougathome. It shows you how to make bird feeders that look like cute little houses. You need a wine bottle, some wood, some screws, nails or staplers, wire rope, L hook, and 2 washing machines.

If you want to move a few glass bottles to the wind chime, we will show you an easy tutorial that we found on wikihow and related to that. This involves glass bottles, glass cutters, corks, threaded hooks, metal chains and beads, shells and other things that can be used as decorations on wind chimes.

Another thing you can turn into an old glass bottle is a tiki torch. For that you need a bottle, some cotton string, salt, boric acid, myrrh and a washing machine and torch fuel. First, make the axis. Mix one tablespoon of salt with 2 tablespoons of boric acid and a cup of water. Mix well and pour this into a jar. Soak cotton yarn in this mixture for at least 12 hours. Then let it dry. Now you are ready to make a torch. Choose a washing machine that is enough to close the mouth of the bottle and continue to add smaller and smaller ones until the last opening is small enough to keep the wick in place. Fill half the bottle with torch liquid. {found on greenlivingideas}

Can't find a decent dish soap? Create your own tour. You need olive oil bottles, vinyl stencil adhesives, cutters, glass etching creams, and paint brushes. You must first make a stencil. Then apply a thick layer of glass etching cream to the stencil, making sure to only cover the letters. Leave it alone. Follow the instructions on the cream bottle or use your experience. Maybe you can use the description on unsophisticook as inspiration.

Apart from using glass bottles to make vases and other simple decorations, they can also be used in more complex projects. For example, you can use several bottles to make a special shelf unit as shown on what can be instructed. The bottles keep wooden shelves apart and give the unit a unique appearance with many characters.

Another interesting idea is to make a chandelier from a used glass bottle. It's not as easy as making a vase but it's not as difficult as you might imagine. Follow the instructions offered on the network carefully and everything will go well.

We will end with a big project: walls made from recycled glass bottles. This is definitely a very interesting idea that can be adapted for porches, parks and even interior spaces where walls can be room dividers. The idea comes from the upcyclegarden style.

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