Haptic Sensitivity and Workmanship: Haptic Chair

Inspired by men's interactions with tactile surfaces found in nature, the Haptic chair is a pure expression of detailed craft work. With unique and elegant shapes and textures that activate your sense of touch, chairs made by Trine Kjaer Design Studio are items that will impress you with their simple elegance. "The chair focuses on the haptic process of the sense of touch and on how we are attracted to the object, want to investigate and with the hands, activate touch, to feel the tactile difference from the chair."

Haptic chairs are made of oak wood and cloth. The back and seat are wrapped in coarse material which stimulates body sensitivity. Although this kind of rustic chair feel can make a chair stand out when integrated into a simple minimalist decor, furniture items don't require special arrangements: a living room, terrace or courtyard – these are all great places to place them and enjoy a relaxation session.

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