Handmade Tables Dominate Modern Office Landscapes

A handmade table is something that you value beyond its function. Skilled expertise and quality materials can be found by experts a mile away. When you work hard, you want beautiful things to tell the story of your hard work. A unique handmade table tells more stories, like the story behind fabrication.

The Crawford Desk is one of the artificial tables designed to beautify the space. Created by the self-taught design duo behind Hellman-Chang, 32-year-old designer Eric Chang and Daniel Hellman, the handmade table talks about how it is imagined to act more than a piece of furniture and be a conversation starter. It tells its own story.

Imagine you have a contemporary office setting that requires an eye-candy focal point. This is where the uniqueness of a handmade table. The Crawford Desk stole the show with a combination of sophisticated table designs and handmade tenacity: "The slim corners of Crawford's Table met the surfaces of Hellman-Chang. The top and side panels float to each other for a lighter presence while creating lines intersecting with their negative space. The Crawford Desk features a low-profile, tilted drawer face, and can be paired with an optional pull-out keyboard tray, top grommets, and privacy panel as an add-on."

And if you feel that way executive desk more your cup of tea, then the Xie Executive Desk is a cool alternative to the office you have in mind. Scroll down to see the executive table design and tell us which one you like the most, we want to know.

"The Xie Executive Desk creates a dramatic but elegant statement for the office. The curved swiped surface carries the Hellman-Chang theme in the front and back drawers to allow placement in the middle of the room. Oriental float tops give a light balance to the large side storage unit and pencil drawer. Additional options include inset leather top, pull-out computer tower storage, keyboard tray, grommets, and privacy panel. "(Information and photos received via email)

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