Craft Egg Skins With Cute Everyday Attractiveness

We all use eggs regularly and shells are usually thrown away without giving any thought. That's really embarrassing because eggshells can be used in many funny and beautiful ways. You will be surprised at how amazing these seemingly fragile things are. The following 10 projects are very inspiring.

Use the eggshell as a small flower vase. Be careful how you break eggs. Try making a few holes at the top and gently pry the shell to open. Empty the eggs and gently attach them to a small mirror or other surface using a candle. Then put water and flowers in it and that's all. {Found at craftberrybush}.

By using only half of the shell, you can make small growers for your succulents. If you manage to break the egg into two usable parts, it will get better. Make as many eggshell growers as you need, preferably enough to fill the egg carton. Then add soil and small succulents and you have your own cute little garden. {Found at lerobinsnest}.

For the following projects, you will need raw eggs, small to medium size silk flowers, PVC pipes and saws, hot glue, glass beads, and dried moss. Poke holes into the top of the egg and chips from several shells. Wash the shells and cut the rings from PVC pipes. Then glue the shell to the ring and let it cool. To add weight, insert glass beads in each shell. Then add flowers and moss. {Find it on thankprayerthankfulheart}.

There are also ways to display your beautiful eggshell vases or planters on the wall. You can make macrame holders for them. Basically you just twist and tie the rope to make a planter holder, adjusted of course to the exact dimensions of the eggshell you want to use. You can also color the shell if you want. {Found at we-are-scout}.

Another idea is to use an egg cup or small container to display your beautiful creations. First color the eggs and then make a hole at the top and discard the contents. Plant small flowers in each eggshell and display them all in the cup you choose. This cute flower arrangement will look beautiful in the kitchen but also elsewhere in the house. You can also use it as a wedding decoration or table decoration. {Found at sewforsoul}.

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After you make an eggshell flower vase, you can choose to display it in a small cup. Use moss to keep the vase nice and straight and add a little water and a few small flowers in it. Use this decoration for your dining table, table, etc. {Find it on craftberrybush}.

If you want, you can plant grass in an eggshell planter. These little things will make the room look fresh and beautiful regardless of the season. You can lay eggs in several small egg cups or in egg cartons. Be careful if you have cats because they like to chew grass sometimes. {Found in loulou}.

If you are looking for a funny project to do with children, then look at this one. It's the same idea as before, but this time the eggshell grower has googly eyes and faces and they look cute and cute. You can let the children decorate them but they must be soft. {Found in mamapapabubba}.

Instead of using shells and vases or small planters, you can turn them into tea lights. This is really simple. You make a wider hole in the egg at the top and then put the candle in it. Add the candle wick and insert the eggshell into the egg carton or display them as you like. {Found on paper).

Because you will use lots of eggs to prepare all the delicious food around Easter, you might also use shells to make something funny and Easter themed like the center of an egg tree. You need eggshells, acrylic paint, cardboard and tubes, decorative paper, hot glue and sprinkles, moss or colored rice.

Paint the inside and the outside of the shell with different colors. Cut cardboard and decorative paper to make the stand. Use the tube to make the tiers and glue all the pieces together. Then add the shells and glue them to the holder. After that, you can add all kinds of cute little decorations. {Found on remodelandolacasa}.

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