A Communic Book Inspired by Colored Typography in Crafts

Featuring striking typographic designs, this coffee table embodies a love of comic books and their extraordinary worldly feelings – Shazam Tables create an attractive atmosphere with a little magic. Imagined by EViL ED and Dan Robotic of Evil Robot Design – The artistic duo creates spectacular pieces of furniture that sit on the border between geek and cool – that is Shazam table is a handicraft from American Walnut that is dense and ends with sparkling oil. Resting on oak's black legs, the table was inspired by comic book sound effects and beautifully integrated in a contemporary setting. Hollow on the inside, the walnut coffee table filters light and forms shadows through a 40 cm high body – a modern interpretation of our culture seen through the eyes of its creator. The ordered coffee table is 100 cm long and 40 cm wide – why now take a meter and see where it will fit in your home?

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