6 Burlap Crafts for a Charming and Chic Home

Burlap is a material that is often associated with rough designs. It is characterized by being relaxed and by flexibility. This can be used in various DIY projects, some of which we will analyze in the following paragraphs. The focus in this case is on simple crafts with a decorative role.

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What could be simpler than a burlap cloth tied around a metal basket? That doesn't sound like much but even something as simple as this can have a big impact on how an object is felt or on the way it looks like. The burlap strip forming an arc at the front of the basket makes this container look quite charming, reducing its roughness in the industry. {Found in komonground}.

Using burlap instead of wrapping paper when decorating gift boxes is another beautiful use for this material. In fact, burlap is a far better choice from various points of view. There is also plenty of room for customization. For example, you can simply use a marker to personalize the box, as shown in the storage section.

Burlap sacks can be used as a vase or planter cover. Let's say you want to display a small Christmas tree and you want to look charming despite its small size. Burlap sacks can be the perfect accessory. This also works in other contexts. Of course, it would be better to adjust it a little, maybe with some paint and sticky tape. {Found on a traditional ship}

A rather similar idea is offered to the buyer of money. To make the same autumn decoration you will need foam flowers, fake sunflowers, fake autumn leaves, burlap and yarn. Center the foam on the burlap. Stick the flowers and leaves inside then gather the burlap at the top and tie the thread around it. Trim the excess for a beautiful appearance.

Falling garlands also often use burlap. You can find suitable examples for such projects at craftsncoffee. It uses styrofoam wreaths, burlap in two colors: natural and orange, paper, jute mesh ribbons, buttons, flower wires and floral ribbons, double-sided tape and glue. You will use paper and orange burlap to make flowers that will be used to decorate the wreath form.

The project displayed on Kidcraft is one of the funniest and simplest that you can find. The cute owls you see here are each created using a piece of bulrlap, a few buttons and a hint of yellow. Start with a piece of jute burlap with frayed edges. Fold it as shown in the tutorial and use glue to hold it in place. Then select the button you want to use for the eyes and beak. End with two claws.

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