20 Falls of Crafts to Do This Weekend

Changing the season not only requires a change in decoration and the temperature of our morning coffee. This also means a change in the types of crafts and DIY that we are looking for. It's time to move from flamingos and banana and pineapple leaves to pumpkins and seeds and feathers. And if you can tap on the DIY skin, bonus points for you! Scroll through 20 crafts this fall that you can do this weekend and prepare your autumn home on Monday.

Banners are the easiest way to tidy up the empty space on the wall. This project uses wooden banners that will be easily stored when winter arrives. You can paint it like a project … or go your own way with felt, cloth or even blackboard! (via The Crafted Sparrow)

I know you are wondering what to do with all your potted pineapple plants now that the leaves turn golden and red. The simple answer: make these skin and fabric plant pots that you can place on your current pot to give your plant an instant makeover. (via Pretty Quirky Pants)

Autumn is one of the best seasons for major decoration. But you can go further by making these squirrel leaves so that no matter where you put your soup full of pots and pans full of grilled vegetables, there will be a touch of falling right behind.

Before you scroll by thinking "I can never do it," listen for half a second. I'm sure you have seen small plates shaped like leaves, pumpkins and ghosts. The aim is to use one of them and paint it in sparkling gold that will bring the class to your desk or dresser. (via The Casual Craftlete)

Autumn means comfortable clothes and many of you will probably try to make a scarf or hat this season. So when you shop for yarn, choose a few shades to create this mini woven wall hanging. This will be like giving your gallery wall a sweater. (via Beauty Gathering)

Acorns are fun decoration pieces for fall. These are made of … are you ready? … Easter Eggs! Right! Spray paint for additional Easter eggs in autumn colors and glue pine pieces on top. You will have the best center in town. (via Domestically Blissful)

I don't know about you, but falling smelling candles only take cakes for autumn decoration. This simple craft will give you some pretty selector to hold your pumpkin-scented lamp. They will look crushed on your dining table or even your coffee table.

The best fall craft is what you can do while watching the prime minister of all your favorite shows, right? This orange garland is one of them. After you dry your orange slices, you can sit on your couch and wave away while zoning to your new episode. (via Garden Matter)

What are the fall craft ideas without DIY pumpkin? This one suggests painting corner trim pieces to create adorable and simple pumpkin decorations. But I'm sure you can use whatever used wood is in your garage! You can even let the children help you paint. (via Average But Inspired)

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Firewood fans, this is for you. Clean your wood burning tools, collect a few wooden spoons (and other wooden kitchen necessities if you want!) And go crazy patterns. You can save it yourself or save it for Christmas. (via Threadbare Cloak)

If you are part of a trendy crowd, you might have a colorful agate mat on your coffee table now. Wrap them with your summer decorations and make this beautiful marble upholstery instead. They will definitely give depth to your coffee table style … and your Instagram. (via Homey Oh My)

It's fun to start the fall with a clean and tidy room. This copper magazine rack will help you keep your reading material organized. Plus it will add the shine needed for your living room and copper tones will match the rest of your autumn decor.

Adding a few natural tones to your table is definitely a good tip when you are looking for autumn decoration ideas. Make this beautiful salt and pepper from wood in your warehouse and you will ask all your friends to ask where you bought it. (via Pneumatic Addict)

If you think watercolor is only for summer, think again. Learn how to make watercolor feathers and you can easily replace some of your summer art on the walls of your gallery. Or if you go a little crazy watercolor, don't hesitate to make a new gallery wall. (via eHow)

Autumn is the season which includes a comfortable morning in bed with steaming coffee and fresh pumpkin bread. You will want to collect this breakfast tray to collect all the crumbs and drips and keep your bed clean. It's easy, you can use it for lazy Sunday mornings.

Remember what I said about candles that take cakes? Well, here's your chance to make it yourself! This pumpkin seasoning candle will fill your home with autumnal scents. You can even make it in the votes above! (via Boxwood Avenue)

If you are the type of person who uses yarn to make crafts and clothes and projects fall, collect this pegboard that will store your rope in the most artistic way possible. It's like having a craft room in your living space. (via Dwell Beautiful)

Bringing your vanity down can be a difficult task when you try to think outside of the candle. Luckily the wooden slices are still there because this beautiful ring holder is perfect for bringing a touch of autumn to your space. (via Dwell Beautiful)

Isn't this the best when you can make seasonal storage on a budget? This fabric basket is easy to make, simple to vary and beautiful to look at. Make some for your living room, bedroom, playroom, and children's room.

Okay so maybe you need a little longer than the weekend for this project. But after you gather plants and give them time to dry, framing them is the easy part. The hard part is deciding where to put it. (via Matildigt)

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