10 Easy Crafts For Outdoor Summer Parties

During the summer, everything looks better if it is done outdoors where you can also admire and enjoy the beautiful weather and beautiful surroundings. Summer parties open often and are very popular. To make these parties more fun, some DIY skills are often needed. With a little creativity and free time, you can make all kinds of beautiful decorations. We have prepared 10 such inspiring examples.

DIY Popcorn Bar.

Popcorn bars are something that everyone will enjoy. To make it you need scissors, packing tape, tissue paper sheets, storage boxes, card stock and pens. You can make a serving cone from vellum lampshades. You can also use paper. Make a label for each and place the tissue paper in the box. Then, set everything in. {Found on handsoccupied}.

Tin can be a lantern.

Lanterns can be made easily and are beautiful decorations for outdoors, especially at night. To make it, you need a can, hammer, anchoring wire, pliers, spray paint, and tea wax. Clean the can, fill it with water and put it in the freezer. Then use a hammer and nail to make a hole near the top of each can. Let the ice melt and make a handle using a wire. Enter the candle and finish. {Found on growcreative}.

Cupcake stand.

A cupcake stand can also be a good project. You can make one of the small terra cotta pots and the logs cut into slices. Spray the white or any other color paint you want and place it between log pieces. Use glue to connect the pieces and let them dry completely before you use the cupcake stick. {Found in an interesting panel).

Birthday hat.

If you also want to decorate the trees around for a party, string lights will be the perfect choice. You can make it from a birthday hat. You also need holiday lights, scissors and tape. Undo the birthday hat and cut it at the top. Then make a hole in each hat and attach it to the lamp string using a ribbon after making a cone shape. {Found on cremedelacraft}.

Ruffled Ice Cream Cone.

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The ice cream cone decoration will look beautiful, especially since this is a summer party. To make it, you need Styrofoam balls, cotton cloth, hot glue, scrap paper, cones, ribbons, pins and polyester fillings. Cut the fabric into pieces and ruffle. Then make a cone and fill in the filling. Wrap the cloth around the ball and stick it to the porous cone. {Find it at icingdesignsonline}.

Pool Noodle Garland.

Garlands are always beautiful and these are very colorful and attractive. To make it, you need billiards, strands, exacto knives and cutting pads. Cut the noodles into slices and put them in a string. Tie a section at each end and hang from the ceiling, in a tree or wherever you want. {Found in sugar}.

Terracotta Cloche.

Here is another very simple project: cloche terracotta. This can be very useful when you are enjoying outdoor snacks and you don't want bugs to disturb the pleasant atmosphere. All you have to do is make a hole in the bottom of the terracotta pot. Then take a piece of rope and a knot through the hole to make a handle. Cloche will also make hot or cold food. {Found at home learning).

Paper crisps bag.

For outdoor parties, snack bags are usually a very good idea. To make it need paper. Cut into squares. Fold the square in half to make a triangle and then fold one side. Repeat with the second side and they should meet at the edges. Then fold the flap down and place the label on the snack box. {Found on liagriffith}.

Paper flower lanterns.

These mini paper lanterns are beautiful and they will look beautiful in the trees or on the veranda. To make it you need tissue paper, flower stamen, ribbons, scissors, and hot glue. Line between 6 and 8 pieces of tissue paper and cut into small squares. Fold it into sections and cut to make a petal shape. Arrange the petals, fold them in half and cut a small gap. Insert the stamens in and glue the flowers. {Found on studiodiy}.

Fancy little paper flags.

Here is another example of a colorful paper wreath. To make this you need ribbons and scissors. Cut the ribbon into smaller pieces, fold it in half and repeat until you get a small section. Cut small rectangles from each folded side and let them stick to the top. Then start making patterns using punch holes. {Found on studiodiy}.

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